Demystifying Enterprise Mobile App Development

How the Scolvo Platform Makes it Easy for Any Developer to Build Custom iOS, Android, & Web Apps?

How to work with us


Our goal is to help our Partners and Customers build enterprise solutions faster, easier, and more cost-effectively without hiring specialized mobile developers.

We designed our  Partner Program to meet your needs.

  • For our Technology Partners, who have customer projects, our Program includes training, co-development, shadow development, and even resource sharing. The Developer license is FREE of charge for Scolvo Partners. 
  • For our Consultancy Partners, who specialize in specific industries,  we also ensure Business Analysts to help complete the business specification based on the exact customer business problem. At the end of the day, our consultancy partners can deliver comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to their customers.
  • For Enterprise Businesses please contact us in case of any business problems. We are here to help.

Content of the video

00:05 Introduction

02:12 Major challenges – why have we built the Scolvo Development Platform 

06:43 High-level Architecture

12:49 How to start a new project in VS Code 

19:12 Simple Feature Development Demo

25:01 Live Demo

27:40 How to cooperate with us

What we do at Scolvo?

The Scolvo Development Platform (SDP) is an Application Development ecosystem optimized for Enterprise environments. It is performance-focused, ensures enterprise security standards, features native iOS, Android, web interfaces and backend logic, operates with an easy-to-learn JavaScript-like language.

With the help of Scolvo, you can say goodbye to lengthy and resource-heavy development processes and focus on doing more business. Find out more about us here.


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